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adidas is a brand which needs no introduction. People from all corners of the globe instantly recognise the 3-Stripes as being adidas - a leading name in sports and casual fashion. Ever since Jesse Owens donned a pair of adidas running spikes at the 1936 Olympics, adidas has been at the forefront of the sporting goods world and shows no sign of slowing down. Prominent in pretty much all sports and leisure activities, but with particular dominance in the fields of football, athletics, training, golf, tennis and rugby, adidas is a brand which belongs in everybody's collection. Don't miss out on the latest drops from adidas here at Sports Direct, with all your trainer, clothing, accessories and equipment needs catered for.

adidas FAQ's

What does adidas stand for?

The word 'adidas' derives from the name of the brand's founder, Adolf 'Adi' Dassler, combining his nickname and the first three letters of his surname to create one of the most famous brand names in history.

When and where was adidas founded?

adidas was founded back in 1924 in Herzogenaurach, Germany, which is still the global HQ of the company. You'll also find PUMA based in Herzogenaurach, created by Adi Dassler's brother, Rudolf, as part of a long-running sibling rivalry.

Who owns adidas?

adidas is floated on the public stock exchange, allowing anyone to own a share in the company. Various large multinational investments groups control large amounts of adidas shares, with many becoming available after Adi Dassler's death in 1987.

How do you pronounce adidas?

adidas is pronounced ah - dee - das, with emphasis on the 'ah' sound at the start. adidas is often mispronounced in America where more emphasis is placed on the 'dee' part of the word and the 'das' is heard more as 'dus', erroneously.